Founder and Director  - Perri Blain

Involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years and coaching for 6, Perri specialises in strength and conditioning, athletic performance and body composition.  Her passion for the industry, and in the empowerment and development of women, has led to a successful coaching career.


Perri ensures she is continually adding to her knowledge base and qualifications, with the aim to educate and assist all PB Fit client’s in reaching their goals. Effective and efficient education is the primary focus in her delivery of information and support.


Using an individualised and scientific approach to training, Perri has worked with clients ranging from World Champion athletes (Australian Women’s Rugby League/Australian Dragon Boating) to the everyday women who are looking to improve themselves.


Perri truly believes every woman should have the opportunity to experience optimal health and how amazing the human body can be.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Aust. Sports Commission - NSCA Accredited Coach
  • Level 1 Strength Coach - Aust. Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Level 1 Powerlifting Australia Coach
  • Level I Poliquin Bio-signature Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Sports Management (pending)
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • AIF - Master Trainer Certification
  • Qualified Children's Trainer
  • Qualified Older Adults Trainer
  • Senior First Aid Certificate and CPR
  • Level I and II Bootcamp Instructor, Motivate to Train
  • PunchFit Instructor Course Qualified, PunchFit Australia
  • Kettle Bell Instructors Workshop, ACT Barbell
  • 2.5 year internship with Tyrone Jensen, Strength Coach, Tight Fitness Solutions
  • Strength System Level 1, Sebastian Oreb, The Australian Strength Coach
  • Training and Coaching the Beginner + Intermediate Powerlifter, Adonis Athletics
  • Training the Female Physique Athlete Workshop, Clean Health Performance Centre
  • Strength Technique Seminar, Squad Gym

Strength Coach  - Lauren Ashleigh

Lauren set about challenging stereotypes and pushing boundaries, and in doing so found her self immersed in the sports of Powerlifting, Strongman and Figure Competition. Her personal growth has been accelerated by an unbridled enthusiasm to pursue excellence and continually test her physical and mental capacities for both Stage and Platform.


Lauren, having learned from some of the best coaches in her particular sporting endeavors, is also dedicated to mentoring and coaching women in strength training.  Whether training for strength or function, Lauren brings a unique mindset and distinctive enterprise to her training and coaching style. Employing techniques of mindfulness and comprehensive physical preparation, Lauren has been able to assist women to excel. If you’re in need of progression in your training and lifestyle, Lauren can fine-tune and outline a pathway to ongoing success.


At present Lauren competes nationally in a number of Powerlifting Federations, national Strongman events, as well as WBFF Figure Competition.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Certificate of Optimal Sports Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Accredited Certificate of Nutrition
  • Certificate in Bodybuilding Contest Preparation (International Academy of Physique Conditioning)
  • CN (Formerly INBA) Official ACT Posing Coach and ACT/NSW Judge
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Certified GRIT and Body Pump Instructor, Les Mills Asia Pacific
  • Accredited Powerlifting Judging Official
  • Certificate III + IV in Fitness
  • PunchFit Boxing Certified
  • WBFF Figure Diva Australia 2nd Place 2016
  • Powerlifting Australian Record Holder 67.5kg Women Deadlift
  • Strongman Australian Record Holder 72.5kg Women in Deadlift, Farmers Walk and Yoke Walk
  • Strongman Australian 2nd Place 72.5kg Women in Log Lift and Atlas Stones

Strength Coach  - Natalie Chapman

Natalie’s true passion is working with women who want results and who are determined to maximise their strength, improve mindset, mobility and functional movement, and overall, achieve thing they original never thought possible.


Her lifelong involvement in team sports, including competitive powerlifting, combined with her strength and conditioning background means Natalie has a broad base of coaching experience.


Her belief is that in her clients achieving their goals, the benefits of these achievements will transpire across all aspect of their life allowing them to create a genuine happy place in both in mind and body.


Her holistic approach to strength and conditioning sets her a parts as she empowers women to not just become stronger but do so in a manner that will looks after all areas of their life.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Level 1 Coach: Club Weightlifting and Power Sports, Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Myofascial Release Workshop, Body Development Specialists/Change Coaching Australia
  • Squat and Deadlift Strength/Technique Seminar, Squad Gym
  • Training and Coaching the Beginner Lifter, Adonis Athletics
  • Senior First Aid and CPR

Strength + MetCon Coach - Lara Menegon

There has never been a moment in Lara’s life where she hasn’t been active and this passion has led her to working in the Health and Fitness Industry, which she believes is the best job in the world. Lara has been involved in sport and fitness her whole life and has come from a background of competitive sport which included travelling Australia in Basketball and competing at National level in Swimming.


Throughout her impressive sporting career Lara developed a passion for coaching. Her focus is in helping women develop their personal strengths and helping women to achieve a happy balance between food, exercise and life. She has a strong passion for strength and functional training and believes that each of us should be doing whatever makes our hearts sing.


Lara has extensive experience in the field of strength, functional and HIIT training. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Human Nutrition.


She understands the commitment and drive that it takes to achieve body and strength orientated goals, and strongly believes that with a holistic approach, body, mind and soul, anything is possible.


Lara is the embodiment of her training philosophy: Do what you love … love what you do!

Qualifications and Experience

  • Level 1 Strength Coach - Aust. Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • AIF - Master Trainer Certification
  • AIK - Master Functional Trainer including: Fundamentals of Mobility; Advanced Suspension Training (Crankit); Kettlebells Level 1 & 2; Fundamentals of Powerbags; and Fundamentals of Battling Ropes
  • Bachelor of Human Nutrition (Currently Studying)
  • Senior First Aid and CPR



      1/9 Beaconsfield Street Fyshwick, ACT 2609

      0466 669 157