Build Your Best Body For Life

You can be stronger without spending hours in the gym

Drop fat and become leaner whilst eating more food

Have more energy to do the things you really want to do

Perri Blain, PB Fit Founder and Director


With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained which helps hundreds of women build their best bodies, overcome negative food relationships and live their best lives possible.


Every single week, I speak to women who have felt intimidated by commercial gyms. They feel uncomfortable, self conscious or too embarrassed to be there.


So they would opt for traditional female only gyms, only to be coddled with no real results.


To top it off they are continually bombarded with conflicting nutrition and diet advice, being left confused and disheartened.


The ‘quick fix’ option starts looking like the only possible option.


So let me ask you a question.


How many times have you walked into a commercial gym and felt at a loss as how to train?


How many times have you committed to a training and dieting plan only to give up after a few week and gain more weight back?

How many times have you been so exhausted at work all you want to do is get home to the comfy couch and not move for a few hours?


Does this sound familiar? You are not alone.


Women come to me, with the same feelings of self-consciousness and confusion, which has led me to create the PB Fit Strength and Development Centre, a space that is designed to allow women to push themselves in regards to strength and performance, yet removes the intimidation factor.


A gym that allows you to train in a premium facility with strength specific equipment that also has a high level of community and support.

At PB Fit we are clear on what we stand for and what we stand against.


We don’t prescribe chemical filled diet pills or shakes. Instead we focus on education and simple yet effective principles for nutrition.


We don’t do crash diets that leave you starving. In fact most PB Fit clients eat in excess of 2,000 calories per day while achieving their dream bodies!


We don’t coddle or baby you. Instead we hold you accountable to your highest self.


We don’t do hours of exhausting cardio. Instead we train with intelligence and intensity incorporating strength training and conditioning sessions.


We believe in accountability, community and we empower women to be their best selves


Introducing the PB Fit Starter Package


24 spots


Only 24 women will have the opportunity to train and learn within the PB Fit environment.


If selected as one of our core 24, you will have the opportunity not only to learn and train under nationally accredited coaches, you will be surrounded by 23 likeminded women ready to fast track their results.


As a PB Fit founding member, you will receive the following:


• 3 strength sessions per week in a small group environment

• Unlimited access to MetCon and Modified Strongwomen sessions

• Interactive and informative seminars and workshops that target strength, nutrition, mindset and empowerment

• Body composition scans to track your progress accurately

• Access to the private PB Fit Membership Site that includes specialist training videos, nutrition guidelines and flexible dieting Ebooks, goal setting and accountability tracker plus much more!

• Access to the private online forum of goal oriented, likeminded women

• PB Fit singlet and shaker

• No Joining Fee

• No Lock In Contract


Starting September 10th, I will be helping 24 women transform their lives over 6 weeks for just $497.


The investment in this program is small in comparison to gaining back control over your body, building a positive lasting, relationship with food and achieving your optimal life.


I am 100% committed to my team of women and expect the same in return. We don’t play games. We work hard, have fun and succeed as a team.


This program is designed for women who are truly READY and COMMITTED to living their best life.


If you’re ready to transform your life click below.