At the start of last year, I had a gym membership that I barely used. When I did occasionally show up, I had little idea what I was doing. Coming up to mid year I hurt my back. I hurt myself so badly that at one point it took three people to get me out of a car. I couldn't walk properly, I couldn't move or breathe without pain, I couldn't dress myself. I saw a physiotherapist three times a week for five weeks before I was allowed to even meet with Perri. When I did eventually meet with Perri I still couldn't walk properly and everyday movements were painful. I began training with her twice a week with my goal consisting of nothing more than 'walk without pain'. I've been training with Perri for a year now and I've never been better. Not only can I walk without pain and have full range of motion, I've learned to love lifting weights. I didn't know how to squat or what a deadlift was before I started with Perri  and now I'm working towards my first powerlifting competition. Perri is encouraging, positive and vibrant. Her advice is always spot on, both physically and nutritionally. I have learnt so much from this amazing trainer that it's difficult to put in to words. Perri is a force of nature and I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with her

-Jess, 27

When I first came to you for rehab I’d just run my first marathon. My knee was shot and my spirits pretty low. I felt out of place at the gym and didn’t particularly enjoy it. Firstly, I couldn’t even squat! I had no strength, but I had you! Slowly, you have not only helped sort out my knee but also my head. Yes you have many qualifications that make you an exceptional coach but beyond that, you have an amazing caring personality that radiates warmth and compassion. This has been so appreciated not only when we first met you most recently with the ups and down related to illness in my family.


I now lift weights I never thought I could, AND I can squat! OMG. I look forward to out crazy sessions and know you are always there to support me. I feel such an amazing turn around…This year I have had an amazing journey of discovery of self worth and confidence… Perri has helped me to realise that to look good and feel good it's about eating and training, not starving and crossing your fingers. I want more women to celebrate their PB Fit and have confidence! I'm not perfect, but no one is. You only get one chance at life so enjoy it. Don't hide yourself.

-Jordan, 28

For me personally , I found everything I needed with PB Fit team. I love that they provide a safe, fun environment  for women to work on their confidence, strength, mobility, mind, body and soul. I have met amazing women and made many dear friends though PB. We have laughed, cried and yelled support for each other. PB FIt is more than a gym… it’s a place where you watch amazing things happen [including] weight loss, muscle gain, strength, mindset change, acceptance and self love. Guaranteed you will not be the same person once you start.”


I first went to Perri with the goal to learn more about strength training, more specifically, powerlifting and to get help with my binge eating. I am coming up to 2 years coaching with Perri and I have never felt better within myself. My relationship with food has improved dramatically; I track my own macronutrients which allows me to lead a flexible lifestyle whilst staying on track towards my goals. Beginning strength training has been the greatest gift, it has given me confidence in every aspect of my life, introduced me to many amazing individuals, whilst providing me with physical and mental strength.


Training and nutrition can be hard work but with Perri’s continuous support and knowledge I have ticked off many physical and mental goals. I always know that I can turn to her with any query regarding training, nutrition or anything I may be struggling with. I cannot thank Perri enough for everything I have learnt on my journey and I am now lucky enough to call her one of my friends. I am so glad I get to continue to grow physically and mentally with her by my side.

Stef, 27

I used to think training 2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week was normal. I was sick of drilling myself in the gym, training hard and not getting the results I wanted. A huge downfall for me was nutrition. Years of disordered eating had distorted my understanding of training and nutrition. It saw me not fuelling my body adequately and often over training which resulted in me burning out and binge eating.

Although stubborn at first, I quickly succumbed to Perri's programming which took my unmaintainable over training back to square one. I achieved a maintainable and healthy/happy relationship with exercise, noticeable improvements in muscle development and also in lifting heavier weights more comfortably, without pain.

Perri retaught me how to lift, critiquing and tweaking my technique so I could lift without hip tightness and lower back pain. I was all quads, no glutes and relied on my lower back and quads to get the weight up.

My stance on training and nutrition had been reinvigorated, and now understand the importance of a maintainable and balanced approach to nutrition and training. Without Perri, I'd still be all quads, in pain and burnt out. Her knowledge has empowered me.

Thanks Coach!"


-Georgia, 22

Jumping into a short strength cycle before competing in my first power lifting competition was daunting, let alone jumping head first into a new sport! But I loved it. With Perri's encouragement, teaching ability and guidance my strength and technique went up in leaps and bounds. At my competition I was able to hit a PB I had attempted to conquer before but had ended in injury instead, it was really a high light of my interest in lifting weights.

I have been lifting weights for around 2 and a half years now, I have seen many PT's over that time however none have come close to assisting me as Perri has. I have been plagued by a back injury I picked up through poor technique pretty much through out the time I have been lifting. However the last 6 months has improved by back and core strength, and along with technique critique, I feel confident to lift safely. No other trainer I have trained with has had the knowledge and abilities, as well as the commitment to training people individually and correctly.
Power lifting is such an unexpected great sport! I had never really considered ever competing until Perri asked me to. The lead up to my first comp was so interesting, I was required to train in a way I never had before. Perri prepped myself and the other girls that would be competing on the same day not only in training, but nutrition too. The day off was a blast - everyone watched everyone else lift and the atmosphere was so positive and supportive. Perri of course was with us every step of the way!

I hope to do another competition soon. Its a great feeling to lift heavy and set new PB's!

-Steph, 26

I am generally hesitant receiving personal training sessions having had some mixed experiences in the past, however with an upcoming Boxing bout on the cards I was looking for an edge to enhance my preparation, specifically developing my power in my squat, bench press and deadlift. I had seen Perri from PB Fit Training working with her clients and I was intrigued by the level of attention and care she had for each individual, so I decided to that it was worth a shot.


Right from our initial consultation to our final session, I was impressed by her passion, attention to detail, and depth of knowledge in Powerlifting. I specifically appreciated Perri’s approach to myself as an individual and the specific techniques involved to cater for my individual body composition. She really took the time to analyse how my body worked under load and quickly identified areas of my lift where my form may be adjusted, providing fast, concise and relevant feedback. Her formative assessment of my lifts was always welcomed and consistently motivated me to execute the movements to the best of my ability. Perri’s instructions of the complex movements involved in Powerlifting where always straightforward and clear.


She quickly embedded the techniques in my mind by breaking them down into simple steps, using trigger words which were easy to remember and put into practice.

The combination of Perri’s vast knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy, and Powerlifting with her passionate and caring attitude towards the individually really sets her apart from any other training I have experienced. Regardless of your ambition, I would sincerely recommend PB Fit Training to anyone interested in achieving their goals.


-Kyle, 25

I've been in the fitness industry for years, and like so many others was drawn to bodybuilding comps. I trusted a terrible coach when I was younger and had no idea what I was doing, and followed his advice on food, training, everything - including cycling of prohibited substances.

Food issues are enough to do damage. Add drugs in, in all sorts of doses, and overtraining, and you get a hot mess at the end. Pus bingeing and purging and you've got a solid picture of where I was at. Almost two years on now and I was 35kg heavier than I should be. I could not lose weight, I have developed PCOS and have been told I may be unable to conceive easily/at all. My anxiety and depressive tendencies had escalated to the point of requiring medication. Then top I off I fell and injured myself.

Perri is one of my oldest friends, and I reached out to her at this point. She knew my background mostly, but it was very hard to admit to her that partly this was due to stupid use of performance enhancing drug. She had no judgments, just a focus on my health and getting my endocrine system back on track.

Since Perri stepped in to help me, I have not only successfully lost some weight, but have developed a much better relationship with food and prepping. I'm off all my medications, I'm feeling fantastic and I don't weigh myself. I have a long-ass road ahead of me to get back to fit and healthy but I am more than on my way. Perri is truly a life changer.


-Anonymous, 25

I started training with Perri 12 months before I wanted to try for my first baby. My physiotherapists said I would need to wear a hip brace for most of my pregnancy due to my extremely hypermobile joints and ligaments. And even then, they said I would probably end up with pregnancy-related injuries. But Perri helped me to avoid this. I did strength and stability training with Perri before my pregnancy, and then right up until I was 38 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy was so much better than I could ever have hoped, and a large part of this was because I was able to stay active. I am so grateful to Perri for helping me through such an important part of my (and my baby's) life. Also, my labour was so much easier because I stayed fit, and I was able to return to exercise quite easily 6 weeks after the birth. And now Perri is helping me to regain my core strength - it's hard and frustrating work, but with Perri's help I know I'll get there

-Bec, 33

I was getting close to my wedding date [when] I sought Perri out to help me lose weight before the big day.  What began as a short-term goal to ensure I felt happy, comfortable and confident in my wedding dress, quickly became much more.  Perri's knowledge, passion and belief in me was inspiring.  So much so that I was no longer focused on the wedding date, it was now about the years ahead of me and how I could become the healthiest and happiest version of myself.  For the first time in quite a while, I was sleeping better, waking up easier, had more energy, felt mentally sharper, had minimal hormonal symptoms each month, my skin was clearer and my mental health was improving. After a few months of training, I felt comfortable working with my doctor to cut my anxiety drugs in half - drugs that I have consistently been on since I was a teenager.  I have Perri to thank for this.  In the future I hope to be able to solely manage my mental health through my exercise regime and nutrition.  Perri’s support and encouragement in this endeavor has been unwavering and it has provided so much comfort to know there she was there for guidance and help along the way. Exercise and nutrition is no longer something I look at as a way to achieve a certain weight or physique, it is a means by which I can fuel my body and brain in order to live this life as my best self.  I cannot thank Perri enough for all that she has done for me and cannot wait to continue my journey.

-Sarah, 26

Perri is one of the most capable strength coaches I have used in my five years in the fitness industry. Perri is professional in all aspects of business and is a perfectionist when it comes to technique and educates you fully on how to lift weight properly… After competing as a fitness model I had mental scarring about training and nutrition and with her personal experience, Perri helped me overcome a lot of mental barriers. I am thankful for everything you taught me, you are an amazing coach and friend.

-Vicky, 25

Perri is the most dedicated, involved and caring trainer that I've ever encountered. Her commitment to developing you as a lifter, to your growth as a person is beyond amazing. The nurturing and encouraging environment that she has created and the community of women that she has brought together make PB Fit feel like a family

-Jess, 28

…Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me since I met you. Not only have I lost 17kgs but you’ve helped me become stronger than I ever thought I could be. I can’t wait to continue training with you, get some new PBs and to become an unstoppable force! You’re incredible

-Christine, 23

I have been training with Perri for a year now and it is one of the BEST things I have ever done. The impact this has had on my physical and emotional wellbeing is phenomenal. Perri has a holistic approach to training that is integrated with scientific research to give you the best results possible. Because of this I truly believe she is the best!!

- Neetara, 25

Perri is the only trainer I've ever met who takes you in like you're family and improves your health, lifestyle, training and mindset all at once. CALL HER and book in. DO IT, you won't regret it for one single second!!!!! She is a very special person... Plus your deadlift will increase hugely

-Emily, 25

PB Fit Strength and Development Centre goes far beyond fitness and working out at the gym. Perri prescribes structured strength programs and focuses on ensuring every person learns the foundations of lifting with proper form and quality technique. In addition to strength training, nutritional guidance and self-development opportunities are available. Empowerment seminars have given me the tools to create mindset changes and refocus on my goals.


After a personal injury, I found it challenging to find consistency with my own training. I was immobilised after spinal surgery in 2014. At the time, I was classified as an incomplete paraplegic. I learnt to stand up out of a wheelchair and took small steps, persisting until I could walk again. The loss of sensation in my lower body was taxing, my perception had to be relearnt. After lengthy rehabilitation and ongoing resistance training, I slowly added in weight training again. I was seeking guidance and someone who was willing to assist me on my lifting journey. I trust Perri as a coach. I have courage to get back under the bar, with increasing confidence each time.


When I was going through extensive rehab I was visualising myself deadlifting and hopeful but unsure if I would squat with weight on my back again. I am chuffed to perform basic lifting movements again. It has brought me to tears of overwhelmed happiness to perform a weighted squat. My energy levels have increased, my social anxiety has improved and I am starting to find my feet again. I have networked with wonderful women who are driven and determined to improve and get better every day.


PB Fit feels like home, the atmosphere is vibrant, warm and uplifting. Thank you PB for providing a safe space for woman to lift and grow stronger in many ways other than just physically.


-Kahla, 23


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