Women come to me, with the same feelings of self-consciousness and confusion, which has led me to create the PB Fit Strength and Development Centre, a space that is designed to allow women to push themselves in regards to strength and performance, yet removes the intimidation factor.


A gym that allows you to train in a premium facility with strength specific equipment that also has a high level of community and support.


Our Strength 101 program was developed to ensure all women feel confident stepping under a barbell and performing different exercises in the gym, safely and successfully.


Our coaches’ first priority is to ensure that you are training with correct form to avoid injury, and at an appropriate level for your specific needs and experience.


The Strength 101 program is for beginner lifter or those who want to improve their technique and build on the strength fundamentals. Over a 4-week period you will learn everything from the body’s

bio-mechanics through to how to safely perform the main lifts with great technique. At the end of the four weeks you will feel confident in your lifting ability in any setting.

Is PB Fit Strength 101 right for you?


• Are new to strength training or the gym

• Wish to increase their confidence under a barbell and with different exercises

• Want to learn how to train safely, prevent injuries and use correct technique

• Need a refresher on the basics of strength and anatomy



STRENGTH 101 includes:

• 3 x strength sessions per week in a small group environment (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 645PM)

• Unlimited access to PB Fit MetCon and Modified Strongwomen sessions

• Take home copy of PB Fit Strength 101 guide

• Access to the private Team PB Forum

• Priority entry into PB Fit's small program - No Glutes No Glory

• No Joining Fee

• No Contract

real women,

real results

I signed up to PB Fit Strength program because I wanted to learn the proper lifting techniques. I was scared to lift heavy weights after I injured myself several times when doing so. I also joined because I wanted to improve my strength and confidence in the gym. I thought about just doing a couple of sessions with a personal trainer at a regular gym but a friend of mine was training at this gym and encouraged me to give it a go so I did. Since starting at PB Fit I've progressed into the No Glutes No Glory classes and haven't looked back. I love this gym and the training. I've found inner peace, happiness and realised that I am stronger than I think both physically and mentally. The PB Fit girls are awesome. They are like a second family to me now. Ladies, if you're contemplating doing this program my advice to you is not to think about it, just do it! You won't regret it! Put yourself first for once and start your journey to confidence, happiness and strength.


I first came to [PB Fit] as I was seeking guidance around strength training, I used to feel intimidated and self-conscious stepping up to the power rack at my local gym, unsure if I was lifting correctly and not understanding the purpose of the lifts I was attempting. I found PB Fit Training through social media and began the Strength-101 program soon after. The progress I made, both physically and mentally, in just four weeks with Perri was wonderful. Perri has a wealth of knowledge around strength and conditioning, her exercise cues are the best I have heard and really helped me to know how to correct my form. Strength gains aside, the atmosphere [PB Fit] has …at as a gym truly is uplifting and empowering. I think the whole ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ thing is really fitting for PB Fit Training. [The Coaches are] genuinely invested in seeing you succeed and this flows through to all of the members as well.  The best decision I have made in a long time has been walking through [PB Fit’s] doors and exposing myself to some truly amazing people.


It had been 10 years since I’d stepped foot in a gym, I saw that PB Fit had a 4 weeks Strength 101 training program on offer that sounded great to build the basic skills for safe lifting techniques. The biggest step for me was actually making the commitment to sign up and be committed for the 4 weeks, also not having to sign up long term was one of the attractions for me when you are trying out something new. [The Coaches were] fantastic through the weeks of Strength 101 showing patience, demonstrating and explaining step by step everything we needed to know. Week by week your confidence and strength grows and you are hanging out for the next session. The team of coaches, the environment, the encouragement and the great group of ladies at PB Fit are what makes the experience all the more worthwhile. Strength 101 is a great way to start and once you have done it, there will be no looking back!